Education Working Group: General Presentation


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The Instituto Memória e Direitos Humanos (Institute for Memory and Human Rights, or IMDH) understands that the promotion of a culture of respect for Human Rights is fundamental for the construction of a just, solidary and peaceful society. For that, education is the main way. In this sense, the school environment is a favorable space for the University’ interaction with the external community, through courses to be given to teachers, as well as direct interventions with students.

The IMDH Education Working Group is composed of professors, students from different areas of UFSC, UDESC, and other education entities. It aims to promote permanent human rights education activities that both rescue the history of human rights violations in Brazil, particularly during the dictatorial period, and discuss the occurrence of current human rights violations, both by the State and by individuals.

Education Working Group‘s activities include the organization of human rights training for teachers in the basic education network of Santa Catarina, as well as for other professional areas. The priority themes for work and discussion are memory and military dictatorship, violence, racism, gender, childhood, migration, linguistic and cultural diversity, environment, among others. These topics were addressed in virtual debates held during the years 2020 and 2021 available on the IMDH YouTube Channel.

The first version of the Training Course on Memory and Human Rights (in virtual format) was organized by IMDH and LEFIS, with support from PROEX/UFSC, in the second half of 2021. The course was primarily aimed at teachers of the basic education network and had an average of 80 participants. More information about the course can be found here. Some of the videos that make up the basic material of the course were recorded during the IMDH lives and are available on the IMDH YouTube Channel.

The Training Course on Human Rights and Violence Prevention (in virtual format) aimed at members of the Centers for the Prevention of Violence of the Regional Education Coordinations was organized by the IMDH and the Secretary of State for Education of Santa Catarina, with support from PROEX/ UFSC, during the second semester of 2022, with an average of 140 participants. More information about the course can be found here.

Education Working Group also aims to hold workshops, debates about films, plays and exhibitions on human rights violations during the military dictatorship period and at the present time, mainly based on the IMDH Memory and Human Rights Collection, according to the interest of the school community.

Additional support information:

    • In this link it is possible to access a set of booklets on Human Rights (in Brazilian Portuguese) with guidelines on concepts, legislation and procedures to combat human rights violations in various topics.
    • Here, information is available on courses in the area of Human Rights (in Brazilian Portuguese) offered by various organizations, both state and non-state.
    • Some other sites (in Brazilian Portuguese)  developed at UFSC that deal with human rights and history: