Human Rights Observatory Working Group: General Presentation


Versão Brasileira:



The Instituto Memória e Direitos Humanos (Institute for Memory and Human Rights, or IMDH) created the Human Rights Observatory to collect information on human rights violations and contribute to their protection and promotion. The IMDH/UFSC Observatory Working Group is composed of professors, technical-administrative staff and students from different areas of UFSC and UDESC. Its objective is to promote and develop research and extension activities of a multidisciplinary nature in the area of Human Rights, aiming to produce knowledge with academic and social impact.

Developed activities

University Extension

Activities in progress

    • 2021-2022 Participation as counselor in the State Council for Human Rights of Santa Catarina.

 Finished Activities

    • 2020-2021 Mapping of actors in Human Rights.
    • 2020-2021 Lecture series “Latin America: pandemic, militarization and human rights.
    • 2021-2022 Report: Dimensions of Institutional Violence for the Periodic Review of Human Rights Council Universal in ONU
    • 2022 Course Human Rights and International Advocacy


In progress

    • 2020 Public Defenders Project in Latin America: formal and practical dimensions of human rights promotion
    • 2022 Observatory of Human Rights: the representation of the performance of Public Security agents in the city of Florianópolis
    • 2022 Empirical research on police violence cases judged by the Santa Catarina Court of Justice TJSC
    • 2020 Human Rights Project in the face of neoliberalism: precariousness of social rights, incarceration and moral conservatism
    • 2020 Human Rights, Pluralism and Democracy Project

Activities carried out with the support of IMDH

University Extension-Research

    • Infovirus – Pandemic and Prisons


More details of the activities in the Brazilian version page