Working Group on Memory, Truth and Justice: General presentation


Versão Brasileira:



The Instituto Memória e Direitos Humanos (Institute for Memory and Human Rights, or IMDH) aims to organize a collective memory regarding Human Rights in Brazil,  making their content available through teaching activities, research and public outreach, gathering information about the violations of Human Rights and contributing for their protection and promotion. 

The IMDH working group on Memory, Truth and Justice was created in November 5th of 2021, with the main goal of undertaking support actions to Human Rights, especially advocacy and to act in the representation of the IMDH in institutional spaces and political movements that propose the preservation and construction of the memory on Human Rights in Brazil.


The working group on Memory, Truth and Justice aims to contribute through its activities in the conservation and dissemination of the content of this memory, having as its main goal, the confrontation, repair and transformation of violent and authoritarian historical legacies.

A first experience was the attempt of joining the action (ADPF) 821 before the Brazilian Supreme Court as Amicus Curiae, which discussed the constitutionality of the National Security Act (LSN).

Planned activities:

The working group will be the role of supporting and acting along with other work groups of IMDH (collection, education and observatory) in the topics cited.

The working group intends to take part as Amicus Curiae in lawsuits, procedural monitoring of lawsuits and the drafting of legal opinions and laws projects.

The working group intends to participate in national actions to fulfill the recommendations of the diverse Commissions of Truth (national, state-wide, locally, in universities and others), of the related juridical discussion (Amnesty Law, National Security Act etc.) and the respect to human rights in the past and today.

The working group also intends to represent the IMDH in spaces of representation of civil society which involves the debate on the Memory, Truth and Justice related to the violation of human rights in the dictatorial period and to indigienous and black peoples.

Contact: gtmemó

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